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Best of BS Opinion: Trump’s India go to, unease of doing enterprise, and extra

The US president got here and went. Apart from strengthening India-US relations, there isn’t a lot to be enthused about. Likewise, there isn’t a lot hope that the federal government’s perspective in direction of enterprise would change.

But prospects exist, as in perking up infrastructure. Uddalok Bhattacharya sums up

What are Donald Trump’s prospects for re-election? Deepak Lal would have it that there’s a methodology within the man’s ostensible insanity

For a rustic that takes pleasure in having improved the convenience of doing enterprise, the remedy given to 3 international firms doesn’t give a lot to be optimistic about. A Ok Bhattacharya elaborates

In the previous 5 years, states have accounted for 40 per cent of the infrastructure spend. They need to do extra, says Sudip Sural


Donal Trump’s go to to India can’t be referred to as a powerful failure; nor has it been a notable success. Read Here


I’ve good equation with Pakistan PM Imran Khan. They are working to regulate cross-border terrorism.

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