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How to keep away from the ‘new tech, old habits’ dilemma

As the outdated saying goes, “There’s a right way to do things, and there’s a wrong way to do things.” When it involves implementation finest practices for implementing affected person engagement applied sciences, two well being IT consultants say it’s vital set it up proper the primary time.

Jonathan Minson, lead software program architect at Oklahoma Heart Hospital and chief expertise officer at vendor Encardio Health, together with Kevin Montgomery, chief expertise officer at affected person engagement firm Relatient, defined why throughout a latest HIMSS20 Digital session.

In their presentation, Achieving Patient Engagement in a Mobile-First Market, Minson and Montgomery described how too many hospitals and well being techniques need to do one thing new with affected person engagement tech – however nonetheless need to keep on with outdated practices and processes.

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Out with the outdated, in with the brand new

“You might think this is an obvious statement, but if you’re going to take on a new project, you’re going to want to make sure you configure it right,” Montgomery mentioned. “It’s not uncommon for us to have someone come in and say, ‘Hey, we want to move away from our current vendor and we like your platform and we want to install you,’ and when we get to implementation, they want to do everything the way their previous vendor was doing it.”

So Montgomery has to ask them why they’re wanting to try this. The reply? This is the way in which we’ve at all times accomplished it. So the brand new hospital buyer instructed Montgomery earlier within the course of it’s not getting the outcomes it desired, but it needs Montgomery and his crew to do the identical factor in the identical approach.

“You’re telling us you want to do things the way you’ve been doing it and for some reason you think we’re going to have better success than the previous vendor by doing it the same way,” he puzzled. “We have had to talk to a lot of our customers, and some of them we do not get a lot of pushback, but some of them we do, and they are pretty insistent on certain ways to do things. That is OK to an extent.”

The new hospital buyer is aware of its affected person demographics and the type of knowledge it has in its system higher than Montgomery and firm, he added. “So sometimes we have to make accommodations for that,” he mentioned.

Avoiding errors of the previous

Montgomery requested Minson what he does on the Oklahoma Heart Hospital to make sure that he doesn’t make errors of the previous when he’s implementing any new expertise.

“That’s a situation we ran into quite a bit – I would say more so five to 10 years ago than we see now,” Minson mentioned. “I think people now, they are thinking disruptively. How can we do this better and how can we do it differently? But I can draw an analogy to the implementation of the patient engagement tools that we implemented with you – we had to shift the paradigm.”

Oklahoma Heart Hospital had a course of that was guide, centered on e mail, with communication going forwards and backwards between schedulers and physicians’ workers members. Minson mentioned they needed to shatter the expectations constructed up round this course of.

“We had to say that is the reason we are struggling,” he recalled. “And so we’ve got to place that to the aspect and envision a model new approach of doing this. An built-in, in-workflow approach of doing this. And I feel thus far, we’ve got accomplished that lengthy sufficient to the place individuals at the moment are difficult us generally as an IT division. They will come to us and say, ‘Well, why can’t we do that? Why do we’ve got to do it on this different approach that represents some longstanding approach of doing issues?’“

A dilemma even the progressive can have

As a corporation, Oklahoma Heart Hospital may be very progressive in its mindset, Minson contended. But it positively has run into the issue of getting a brand new software however wanting to make use of it in an outdated method, he mentioned.

“We’ve done it this way for years, we want to take this new great solution that is going to solve all of our problems and put it into a tiny little box – and of course, if you do that, you are going to end up with the same problems,” Minson noticed. “So it’s a mindset shift, it’s a cultural shift. It’s about getting everyone to realize that you can be an innovator, you can present your ideas and we can collaborate together.”

Bringing everybody to the desk so that everybody looks like a contributor and a stakeholder in a brand new expertise implementation is vital to fixing this dilemma, Minson concluded. “We have found organizationally that when you do that, you get the best ideas and you get past this dilemma.”

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